Machine Tools

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351 6,082,939 Machine tool and cover apparatus therefor
352 6,081,986 Automated machine tool including a plurality of processing units
353 6,080,039 Table drive for multi-axis machine tool
354 6,079,090 Numeric-control machine tool for turning and hobbing mechanical parts
355 6,073,323 Tool spindle fixing device for composite machine tool
356 6,068,431 Machine tool having a gantry and a vertical spindle
357 6,066,078 Machine tool with horizontal spindles
358 6,062,121 Movable fence for a machine tool
359 6,059,702 Machine tool with coolant flushing system
360 6,059,493 Manual machine tool with tool holder and appropriate tool
361 6,055,892 Work feeder for a vertical machine tool with movable spindle
362 6,055,142 Manually guided machine tool with a safety device
363 6,053,676 Machine tool for the processing of rotating tools by means of a tool driven in synchronization with a work piece
364 6,048,143 Composite mechanism multi-axis machine tool
365 6,041,271 Apparatus to determine the operational effectiveness of a machine tool and method therefor
366 6,040,666 Machine tool control system and machine tool control method, and detection system and detection method therefor
367 6,038,948 Workpiece spindle device for a machine tool
368 6,038,947 Quick return feed for machine tool
369 6,036,414 Electric spindle holder slide for a high-speed machine tool
370 6,036,347 Numerical control information generator for controlling machine tool processes which require tool exchanges
371 6,035,512 Machine tool extension and method of forming the same
372 6,023,325 Arrangement for sensing elastic deformation in a tool stem in a machine tool
373 6,021,560 Operating method for machine tool table operating device
374 6,019,554 Method and system for computer assisted manual machine tool control
375 6,019,506 Method for estimating thermal displacement in a machine tool
376 6,019,013 Machine tool operated by gyroscopic precession
377 6,017,266 Dynamic compensating machine tool chuck
378 6,012,884 Logical design of a spindle holdertype machine tool for high-speed machining
379 6,012,208 Machine tool system
380 6,011,374 Method and apparatus for positioning and/or speed control of machine tool axes
381 6,010,440 Automated machine tool including a plurality of processing units and a shared tool stocker
382 6,007,464 Tool-changing apparatus and method for a machine tool
383 6,000,889 Thermal change computation apparatus for machine tool and storage medium for executing the computation
384 6,000,113 Vertical machine tool
385 5,997,452 Machine tool for machining crankshafts for engines
386 5,997,010 Collet for a machine-tool chuck
387 5,996,239 Method of making coordinate measurements of a workpiece on a machine tool
388 5,993,122 Machine tool attachment
389 5,992,860 Chucking device for mounting a tool on a machine tool and clamping device for the shrink-fit clamping of tools
390 5,988,961 Machine tool with pivoting release lever
391 5,987,967 Main-shaft malfunction-state detector in an air bearing type machine tool
392 5,984,506 Method and device for controlling a machine tool, in particular, an electrical discharge machine
393 5,979,519 Machine tool having improved means for holding workpieces
394 5,974,907 Machine tool transmission with an improved gear shifting device
395 5,971,904 Machine-tool provided with a single high storage capacity tool magazine, and tool magazine intended to be fitted to a machine-tool
396 5,971,679 Splash guard device for use in a machine tool
397 5,970,830 Bar feeder for feeding a machine tool, in particular an automatic lathe
398 5,966,988 Shaft rotation driving apparatus for machine tool
399 5,961,259 Rotatable type machine tool
400 5,960,690 Machine tool incorporating means for selectively engaging a control device to a carriage
6 Two-speed pneumatic machine tool
7 Device for removing chips produced by the machining head of a machine tool
8 Machine tool and cover apparatus therefor
9 Tool changer apparatus and method of automating a machine tool
10 Machine tool control system

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