Machine Tools

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251 6,343,900 Two-speed pneumatic machine tool
252 6,343,899 Machine tool
253 6,341,929 Cover apparatus of machine tool
254 6,332,386 Transmission mechanism for spindle head of five-axis machine tool
255 6,328,510 Machine tool for triaxial machining of work pieces
256 6,328,507 Working table apparatus for a cutting machine tool
257 6,325,203 Method and apparatus for rapidly processing machine tool chips
258 6,324,949 Machine tool
259 6,315,014 Wood planing machine with tool accommodating function
260 6,314,847 Machine tool
261 6,311,591 Machine tool
262 6,309,145 Portable machine tool for conditioning header tube openings for butt-welding tubes
263 6,305,696 Tool holder for machine tool
264 6,301,007 Machine tool locator
265 6,298,759 Multi-spindle machine-tool in particular a multi-spindle automatic lathe
266 6,298,531 Highly flexible machine tool
267 6,296,586 Tensioning device for a chain or a belt drive for a motor of a hand machine tool
268 6,293,703 Bearing device for machine tool spindle
269 6,291,959 Method and apparatus for controlling numerically controlled machine tool
270 6,287,059 Machine tool clamping device
271 6,286,055 Error correction apparatus for NC machine tool
272 6,277,793 Liquid clarifier additive for machine tool coolants
273 6,276,245 Bar work loading apparatus for head traveling type vertical machine tool and bar work loading method for use in head traveling type vertical machine tool
274 6,273,653 Machine tool for cutting processes with a horizontally lodged work spindle
275 6,273,236 Pallet exchange apparatus for machine tool
276 6,272,955 Feeder of short rods for a machine tool
277 6,269,544 Apparatus for measuring three-dimensional volumetric errors in multiaxis machine tool
278 6,269,284 Real time machine tool error correction using global differential wet modeling
279 6,263,553 Machine tool with servo drive mechanism
280 6,257,811 Machine tool with a working area extending outside a workpiece table
281 6,257,108 Work transfer method and apparatus in machine tool with movable spindle and machining system
282 6,254,075 Table feed mechanism for machine tool
283 6,250,190 Movable fence for a machine tool
284 6,249,599 Method and apparatus for detecting tool trouble in machine tool
285 6,249,102 Method of controlling a multi-axis machine tool
286 6,246,025 Insulated slag collection bed for a laser-equipped machine tool
287 6,244,928 Machine tool system and machining method
288 6,241,594 Hand machine tool adjustable front handle
289 6,241,432 Machine tool accessory high pressure fluid distribution system
290 6,241,429 Holding device for machine tool inserts
291 6,234,730 Thermal change computation apparatus for machine tool
292 6,232,736 Numerical control machine tool positioning system
293 6,229,112 Air handling system for a laser-equipped machine tool
294 6,228,007 Machine tool for processing crankshafts
295 6,227,776 Machine tool
296 6,220,799 Machine tool
297 6,220,369 Scrap removing and tool cooling device for a front holding end of a tool spindle of a machine tool
298 6,219,895 Machine tool with servo drive mechanism
299 6,217,496 Symmetrical multi-axis linear motor machine tool
300 6,212,935 Main-shaft malfunction-state detector in an air bearing type machine tool
6 Two-speed pneumatic machine tool
7 Device for removing chips produced by the machining head of a machine tool
8 Machine tool and cover apparatus therefor
9 Tool changer apparatus and method of automating a machine tool
10 Machine tool control system

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