Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
1401 3,971,168 Control apparatus for a machine tool
1402 3,971,114 Machine tool having internally routed cryogenic fluid for cooling interface between cutting edge of tool and workpiece
1403 3,970,830 Computer controlled machine tool contouring system
1404 3,967,515 Apparatus for controlling vibrational chatter in a machine-tool utilizing an updated synthesis circuit
1405 3,961,537 Feed drive for the bed slide of a machine tool
1406 3,958,479 Machine tool having operation control
1407 3,955,472 Machine tool structure for noise reduction
1408 3,955,471 Machine tool spindle
1409 3,955,258 Multiple-purpose machine tool
1410 3,953,918 Machine tool with automatic tool changer
1411 3,952,693 Machine tool dial assembly
1412 3,952,388 Machine tool apparatus
1413 3,951,017 Machine-tool, especially automatic lathe
1414 3,949,622 System for elimination of consequences of angular clearances in driving gears, especially for machine tool driving gears
1415 3,948,135 Machine tool
1416 3,948,134 Machine tool driving apparatus
1417 3,937,586 Hydraulically actuated machine tool
1418 3,936,060 Means for detecting opening degree of claws of an electrically driven machine tool chuck
1419 3,934,185 Machine tool control system
1420 3,930,302 Machine tool with guard cover apparatus
1421 3,930,301 Heavy machine tool and device for depositing and placing a tool head in readiness for use
26 Nibbler accessory for machine tool
27 Device for incremental feed in a machine tool
28 Arrangement for feeding rod shaped workpieces to a machine tool
29 Control apparatus for a machine tool

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