Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
1351 4,065,989 Arrangement for feeding rod shaped workpieces to a machine tool
1352 4,063,482 Machine tool indexing mechanism
1353 4,061,952 Computer-controlled machine tool
1354 4,060,021 Circular indexing plate for a machine tool
1355 4,059,029 Transmission for driving a movable element, particularly a component in a machine tool, at high speed or creep speed
1356 4,051,583 Machine tool with a turret head for tool spindles
1357 4,050,354 Machine tool equipped with a magazine
1358 4,047,469 Method for suppressing chatter vibrations in a machine tool
1359 4,046,364 Torque limiting vise for holding work on a machine tool table
1360 4,045,641 Control system for an electro-erosion machine tool
1361 4,045,010 Abutment piece adapted to be inserted in a T slot of a machine tool table
1362 4,042,087 Clutch control device for a machine tool
1363 4,041,601 Machine tool with an automatic tool changer
1364 4,041,588 Machine tool provided with a tool magazine
1365 4,038,591 Automatic machine tool and method of operation
1366 4,037,733 Bar holder arrangement for bar stock material to be fed to a machine tool
1367 4,033,206 Numerically controlled machine tool
1368 4,031,737 Machine tool apron guiding system
1369 4,031,446 Machine tool
1370 4,028,247 Vibratory coolant strainer for machine tool coolant systems
1371 4,027,245 Numerically controlled machine tool
1372 4,026,191 Machine tool
1373 4,023,430 Impact absorbing, overload protection apparatus for machine tool
1374 4,023,084 Control apparatus for a machine tool
1375 4,022,106 Portable multi-purpose machine tool
1376 4,020,331 Feed rate control system for numerical control machine tool
1377 4,019,410 Rotary support for use in a machine tool
1378 4,019,246 Machine tool with automatic tool changer
1379 4,018,115 Self-centering steady rest for a machine tool
1380 4,018,113 Apparatus for adjusting the cutting edge of a tool in a machine tool
1381 4,018,112 Machine tool having a special indexable turret and method of operation
1382 4,018,010 Method and relative apparatus for controlling and regulating the working cycles of a machine tool
1383 4,008,631 Machine tool
1384 4,006,654 Arrangement for feeding rod shaped workpieces to a machine tool
1385 4,003,166 Loading apparatus for a machine tool
1386 3,994,061 Machine tool with an automatic tool changer
1387 3,991,653 Pneumatic fail-safe sensor system for N/C machine tool
1388 3,990,133 Multi-station machine tool with pairs of tool-and work-spindles
1389 3,988,965 Two pressure counterbalance system for machine tool headstocks
1390 3,983,376 Control device for a machine tool
1391 3,982,417 Device for controlling a movable member on a machine tool
1392 3,980,938 Scale control device for use in profiling machine tool
1393 3,979,819 Machine tool with a turret head for multiple spindle units and automatic tool changing apparatus
1394 3,977,194 Device for fine adjustment of the tool seat of a machine tool
1395 3,975,667 Apparatus for a machine tool for the automatic generating of a switching signal and for reducing the speed of a tool
1396 3,974,721 Multiple-spindle machine tool
1397 3,974,596 Machine tool for cutting-off rails
1398 3,974,431 Quick response circuit for control of a machine tool apparatus
1399 3,973,119 Device for determining the displacement of a machine tool component
1400 3,971,258 Feed mechanism for a machine tool
26 Nibbler accessory for machine tool
27 Device for incremental feed in a machine tool
28 Arrangement for feeding rod shaped workpieces to a machine tool
29 Control apparatus for a machine tool

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