Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
1201 4,313,252 Arrangement for automatically changing clamping jaws of the chuck of a machine tool
1202 4,312,105 Programmable turret-type machine tool
1203 4,309,809 Machine tool with an automatic tool changing device
1204 4,309,041 Machine tool collet
1205 4,307,506 Tool Changer for a machine tool
1206 4,306,472 Machine tool
1207 4,306,384 Precision machine tool workpiece positioning apparatus
1208 4,306,350 Automatic tool changer and tool storage arrangement for machine tool
1209 4,303,360 Power drawfinger system for machine tool spindle
1210 4,303,054 Detachable magnetic base for machine tool table
1211 4,302,961 Press or similar machine tool
1212 4,300,278 Tool exchanger for a machine tool
1213 4,297,926 Machine tool with offset compensation
1214 4,288,909 Automatic tool changer for machine tool
1215 4,288,849 Machine tool control systems
1216 4,286,484 Machine tool
1217 4,286,479 Drive system for a workpiece table of a machine tool
1218 4,281,385 Control system for a machine tool
1219 4,281,379 Computer driven control system for a numerically controlled machine tool
1220 RE30,680 Connecting arrangement for a machine tool
1221 4,279,560 Workpiece transfer apparatus for machine tool
1222 4,279,553 Machine tool column mount
1223 4,279,182 Machine tool
1224 4,276,792 Method for continuous path control of a machine tool
1225 4,274,801 Machine tool with an adjustable mechanism for fixing and displacing a workpiece relative to a tool
1226 4,274,230 Apparatus for controlling a machine tool during the machining of a first workpiece to be matched with a second workpiece already machined
1227 4,272,818 Position feedback control system for a numerically controlled machine tool
1228 4,272,216 Machine tool lubrication system
1229 4,271,572 Machine tool having at least one tool magazine
1230 4,268,233 Hand held rotary machine tool with vibration insulating means
1231 4,266,789 Machine tool chuck
1232 4,264,240 Swarf conveyance system for a machine tool installation
1233 4,261,675 Machine tool with pulsating cutting force
1234 4,261,558 Device for laterally clamping workpieces on a machine tool
1235 4,261,141 Feed amount setting device for a machine tool
1236 4,260,986 Tool wear detecting system for a numerically controlled machine tool
1237 4,257,513 Machine tool
1238 4,257,489 Pressure fluid powered machine tool
1239 4,257,103 Apparatus for controlling position of a plurality of machining shafts each including a machine tool fitted thereto
1240 4,256,999 Control system for the stroke limitation of a machine tool element
1241 4,256,026 Machine tool for stamping and grooving
1242 4,254,690 Control system for machine tool with hydraulically stroked cutter
1243 4,253,359 Drive system for multiple spindle machine tool
1244 4,250,776 Machine tool
1245 4,246,683 Machine tool
1246 4,242,621 Programmable limit switch for a movable member, particularly a machine tool slide
1247 4,237,408 Method and apparatus for modifying the operation of a machine tool as a function of torque
1248 4,226,322 Machine tool guard door assembly
1249 4,223,879 Machine tool vise
1250 4,223,579 Machine tool
21 Machine tool for having a spindle-head carrier and a spindlehead which is supported swingably thereon
22 Numerical controlled machine tool making intermediate measurements
23 Adaptive control system for machine tool or the like
24 Machine tool with automatic tool change function
25 Arrangement for automatically changing clamping jaws of the chuck of a machine tool

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