Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
1101 4,514,892 Machine tool
1102 4,514,123 Adaptive control system for machine tool or the like
1103 4,513,979 Machine tool with chucking controls
1104 4,513,646 Numerically controlled machine tool
1105 4,511,975 Numerical control machine tool
1106 4,510,669 Replaceable gang head machine tool
1107 4,509,047 Circuit for connecting a process computer by means of a number of analog channels with a machine tool
1108 4,507,993 Machine tool with two speed turret indexing
1109 4,501,523 Apparatus for feeding platelike workpieces to a machine tool
1110 4,499,546 Numerical control machine tool with sliding error compensation function
1111 4,494,282 Jig table apparatus for a machine tool
1112 4,490,054 Machine tool bearing system
1113 4,489,520 Machine tool attachment
1114 4,488,714 Machine tool table adjustment mechanism
1115 4,487,536 Distributing device of the pressure exerted by a machine-tool carriage on its slides
1116 4,484,845 Machine tool safety shield
1117 4,484,387 Machine tool base and carriage system
1118 4,484,287 System for restoring numerically controlled machine tool to former condition
1119 4,483,052 Machine tool attachment
1120 4,481,742 Machine tool elevating and guiding apparatus
1121 4,473,930 Automatic transfer machine tool with circular supply movement
1122 4,471,676 Machine tool including workpiece clamp sensor
1123 4,470,046 Capacitively coupled machine tool safety system having a digital quantizer
1124 4,460,081 Machine assembly comprising a machine tool and means feeding work thereto
1125 4,459,883 Portable machine tool for preparing pipe joints for welding
1126 4,459,737 Machine tool containing a machine stand for a work spindle, a tool magazine and a tool changer arranged thereat
1127 4,459,458 Machine tool with laser heat treating
1128 4,456,951 Numerical machine tool control
1129 4,451,187 Machine tool
1130 4,449,988 Machine tool feed screw drive
1131 4,449,277 Machine tool with a pallet change function
1132 4,449,085 Control for operation of a machine tool
1133 4,442,493 Cutting tool retreat and return for workpiece protection upon abnormality occurrence in a preprogrammed machine tool
1134 4,440,530 Machine tool with tool position compensating apparatus and contact detecting apparatus
1135 4,435,771 System for numerically controlling a machine tool
1136 4,434,586 Machine tool, especially a hand-held power tool with a turnable clamping element for clamping a tool on the tool spindle
1137 4,433,488 Device for setting the cutting edge of a tool fitted in a tool-holder externally of a machine tool, or for measuring the setting of said edge
1138 4,432,538 Machine tool clamp
1139 4,430,717 Machine tool
1140 4,430,544 EDM Machine tool with compounded electrode-reciprocation and servo-feed drivers
1141 4,429,443 Machine tool
1142 4,423,989 Machine tool assembly with rotatable cutting tool
1143 4,423,806 Pallet changing device for a numerically controlled machine tool
1144 4,423,302 Digital drive apparatus for effecting control displacements in an electroerosive machine tool
1145 4,422,498 Machine tool cooling system
1146 4,422,150 Machine tool controller and part inspection monitor
1147 4,421,443 High speed machine tool spindle assembly
1148 4,417,843 Waysless machine tool table
1149 4,417,379 Machine tool head having nutating spindle
1150 4,414,733 Machine tool insert dispenser
21 Machine tool for having a spindle-head carrier and a spindlehead which is supported swingably thereon
22 Numerical controlled machine tool making intermediate measurements
23 Adaptive control system for machine tool or the like
24 Machine tool with automatic tool change function
25 Arrangement for automatically changing clamping jaws of the chuck of a machine tool

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