Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
1051 4,583,159 Numerical controlled machine tool making intermediate measurements
1052 4,581,811 Tool change apparatus for a machine tool
1053 4,578,555 Fail-safe machine tool operational setting system with prerecorded verbal instructions
1054 4,576,212 Device in a machine tool for maintaining a workpiece displaced in its longitudinal direction, in engagement with the tool
1055 4,575,293 Machine tool holder having opposed ramp members
1056 4,575,291 Dividing apparatus for a program controlled machine tool
1057 4,575,289 Apparatus for orienting the position of a machine tool carriage relative to a stationary machine part
1058 4,574,633 Apparatus for detecting tool damage in automatically controlled machine tool
1059 4,573,747 Apparatus for aligning a machine tool saddle
1060 4,571,813 Automatic tool changing apparatus for multi-spindle machine tool
1061 4,569,115 Method and apparatus for controlling the depth of cut in the radial direction of a rotary cutting tool in a machine tool
1062 4,566,849 Pressure medium driven machine tool
1063 4,564,995 Composite machine tool
1064 4,561,815 Machine tool adjustment
1065 4,557,371 Work-clamp pallet for machine tool
1066 4,557,171 Machine tool, particularly band saw, with lightweight saw band carrier
1067 4,557,035 Machine tool with tool magazine
1068 4,555,844 Part turnover attachment for automatic machine tool
1069 4,555,698 Detecting machine tool set-up errors
1070 4,551,058 Low cost articulating/articulating and rotating wrist mechanism for automatic machine tool and automatic machine tool employing the same
1071 4,550,488 Gang head type machine tool
1072 4,550,375 Machining system with operating mode selectors provided in machine controller of each NC machine tool
1073 4,543,749 Machine tool
1074 4,543,636 Numerically controlled machine tool system capable of setting up tools into tool magazine
1075 4,542,467 Method of operating a machine tool with a sensing probe in order to gather positional data for the calculation of tool offset parameters
1076 4,539,876 Machine tool
1077 4,539,634 Modification of machining program in a numerical control machine tool
1078 4,538,493 Machine tool for working sheet metal
1079 4,538,341 Machine tool with tool change function
1080 4,536,111 Machine tool having numerically controlled adjustable arbor set up for straddle milling
1081 4,535,527 Tool exchanging device for a multi-spindle machine tool
1082 4,534,546 Device for locating and locking a work holding pallet on a machine tool fixture
1083 4,533,034 Method and apparatus for automatically supplying and removing pallets of a pallet magazine to and from the working space of a machine tool
1084 4,532,693 Tool exchanging apparatus for a machine tool having a plurality of processing spindles
1085 4,532,692 Chuck jaw changer for a machine tool
1086 4,532,501 Capacitively coupled machine tool safety system
1087 4,529,255 Machine tool way damper
1088 4,528,742 Tool-change device for a machine tool
1089 4,527,661 Adaptive control system for machine tool or the like
1090 4,525,918 Two component tool holder, especially for a machine tool or robot
1091 4,524,655 Indexable machine tool turret and attachments therefor
1092 4,523,504 Portable machine tool having an operating unit mounted on a column
1093 4,521,950 Automatic tool change machine tool
1094 4,521,860 Methods of entering machining information and display therefor in a numerically controlled machine tool
1095 4,521,661 Method of and apparatus for holding against mispositioning a thermally deflectable member in an operating machine tool
1096 4,520,919 Work-clamp pallet for machine tool
1097 4,520,595 Automatic machine tool
1098 4,520,551 Machine tool
1099 4,519,621 Chuck for a machine tool
1100 4,518,958 Capacitively coupled machine tool safety having a self-test network
21 Machine tool for having a spindle-head carrier and a spindlehead which is supported swingably thereon
22 Numerical controlled machine tool making intermediate measurements
23 Adaptive control system for machine tool or the like
24 Machine tool with automatic tool change function
25 Arrangement for automatically changing clamping jaws of the chuck of a machine tool

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