Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
951 4,715,102 Machine tool
952 4,714,388 Dual pinion anti-backlash carriage drive for a machine tool
953 4,713,876 Machine tool with gang head interchange device
954 4,712,282 Machine tool
955 4,711,437 Workpiece securing apparatus for a machine tool
956 4,709,605 Method of working sheet material workpieces by a sheet material working machine tool
957 4,709,455 Milling and drilling head for a machine tool
958 4,708,544 Machine tool controller
959 4,706,371 Machine tool
960 4,705,439 Machine tool collet containing means for passing a cutting fluid therethrough
961 4,705,187 Enclosure for a machine tool
962 4,704,689 Machine tool for machining a workpiece by feeding a cutting tool in a series of discrete steps and related method
963 4,702,728 Machine tool shaft drive system
964 4,702,652 Advanced memory type profiling control method for a machine tool
965 4,700,937 Front gauge for machine tool
966 4,700,593 Guide for use in the feeding of metal bars to a machine tool
967 4,700,442 Tool changing apparatus for a machine tool
968 4,698,898 Machine tool with tool changing device
969 4,698,475 Machine tool pallet that clamps the workpiece to the pallet
970 4,697,965 Apparatus for preventing invasion of cutting liquid in replaceable head type machine tool
971 4,692,990 Hollow tool exchanging mechanism for a machine tool
972 4,691,817 Feeder for introducing and feeding plates into a machine tool
973 4,688,973 Automated machine tool
974 4,685,361 Machine tool
975 4,684,862 Control apparatus for a multiple-axis machine tool
976 4,684,301 Machine tool spindle and tool holder
977 4,684,115 Machine tool vice
978 4,683,638 Machine tool
979 4,683,626 Tool Holder for a machine tool
980 4,679,296 Machine tool
981 4,679,295 Modular machine tool for series machining of parts in a bar
982 4,678,382 Machine tool spindle and tool holders suitable for use therewith
983 4,678,077 System for controlling the jaws of a self-centering platform (pallet) which can be moved between fittings (pallet supports) carried by the loading and unloading station and the working station of a machine tool
984 4,675,977 Machine tool
985 4,673,319 Major-minor tool shank for machine tool
986 4,669,174 Tool exchange arrangement for a multi-spindle machine tool
987 4,665,784 Machine tool
988 4,664,570 Method of operating a numerically controlled machine tool having a worktable capable of rotation about two intersecting axes
989 4,664,366 Fixture arrangement for machine tool work tables
990 4,663,823 Machine tool
991 4,662,074 Method and apparatus for determining precision of numerically controlled machine tool devices
992 4,661,009 Quick change coupling for machine tool arbors and the like
993 4,658,485 Machine tool with articulated crossbeam
994 4,657,734 Method for preparing a sliding face of a machine tool
995 4,656,868 Method and apparatus for discriminating cutting state from non-cutting state in machine tool
996 4,656,726 Drilling machine tool
997 4,655,664 System for transferring workpieces between pallets and at least one machine tool
998 4,654,953 Tool quill exchanging mechanism for a machine tool
999 4,651,404 Machine tool
1000 4,649,757 Device for calibrating a machine tool
16 Method of controlling synchronous operation of machine tool
17 Machine tool holder with automatic hook-up
18 Roller milling tool unit for a milling machine tool
19 Machine tool extension table and method for installing same
20 Dual pinion anti-backlash carriage drive for a machine tool