Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
51 6,877,407 Machine tool
52 6,874,213 Machine tool and method for machining a rod-shaped workpiece
53 6,868,304 Multi-function machine tool and machining method in multi-function machine tool
54 6,860,683 Spindle assembly for machine tool
55 6,860,026 Machine tool probe
56 6,857,995 Tool exchange device for machine tool
57 6,856,854 Numerical control device for a machine tool
58 6,854,529 Optimizing method for regulating the operating state of a guided machine tool comprising a rotating percussion tool during a boring process
59 6,851,901 Tool, a machine tool, and a method of cutting
60 6,843,624 Machine tool
61 6,841,911 Machine tool
62 6,839,975 Accuracy measuring apparatus for machine tool
63 6,836,941 Machine tool for machining a rod-shaped workpiece
64 6,836,698 Maintenance system for machine tool
65 6,835,031 Machine tool having an improved cover
66 6,834,214 System, method and computer-program product for transferring a numerical control program to thereby control a machine tool controller
67 6,832,879 Machine tool for at least partial contour-dependent cutting or milling
68 6,826,821 System for machining work pieces comprising at least one machine tool
69 6,825,630 Machine tool, tool, and tool holder
70 6,814,692 Tool handling device for a machine tool
71 6,811,361 Column fixed type machine tool
72 6,810,777 Machine tool
73 6,810,360 Machine tool performance evaluation apparatus and performance evaluation system equipped with the same
74 6,808,345 Tool, tool holder, and machine tool
75 6,796,878 NC machine tool with tiltable spindle unit
76 6,796,207 Machine tool support apparatus
77 6,793,395 Bearing arrangement for machine tool spindles
78 6,786,811 Grinding machine tool support
79 6,786,686 Numerically controlled machine tool
80 6,785,942 Machine tool system and method of replacing pallet of the device
81 6,779,953 Apparatus for positioning a cutter of a tool relative to the spindle of a machine tool
82 6,778,942 Monitoring method for machine tool
83 6,761,518 Machine tool
84 6,761,515 Method for lengthening the machining travel of a machine-tool, device for implementing same and machine-tool using such a device
85 6,758,798 Machine-tool with closed structure and ergonomic arrangement of parts of said machine-tool
86 6,757,581 Offset apparatus for NC machine tool
87 6,752,750 Tool, tool holder, and machine tool
88 6,752,031 NC machine tool having spindle run-out diagnosing function
89 6,749,495 Machine tool with roof covering bellow
90 6,748,779 Tangential rolling attachment for a machine tool
91 6,748,291 NC machine tool and information transmission system
92 6,746,188 Machine tool
93 6,746,184 Off-centered machine tool holder
94 6,741,906 Control unit for a machine tool or a coordinate measuring apparatus
95 6,740,839 Transporting and positioning device for tool magazine of machine tool
96 6,739,406 Machine tool with a chamber for lubricating agent and a pressure equalization device for said chamber
97 6,736,767 Machine tool with tool spindle and tool exchanger
98 6,733,371 Machine tool with a separation wall between a housing and a work space
99 6,732,618 Machine tool
100 6,732,009 Machining error correction method adapted for numerically controlled machine tool and grinding machine using the same
1 Drive housing for machine tool drives
2 Machine tool and method for machining a rod-shaped workpiece
3 Method and system for numerical control of machine tool
4 Complex machining machine tool
5 Method for improving the machining accuracy of a precision machine tool

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