Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
901 4,817,693 Machine tool extension table and method for installing same
902 4,817,007 Machine tool control systems
903 4,817,003 Apparatus for detecting and indicating the balance of a rotary body in a machine tool
904 4,813,462 Apparatus for confining and removing dust and other debris from a work region of a machine tool
905 4,813,122 Machine tool
906 4,810,945 Numerical control feed device for machine tool
907 4,809,422 Machine tool with index means
908 4,802,801 Worktable support for machine tool
909 4,799,835 Machine tool
910 4,799,582 Pallet exchanging apparatus for machine tool
911 4,798,505 Process and apparatus for removal of dust and chip material at the machining station of a machine tool
912 4,797,989 Combination machine tool apparatus and pallet changing system
913 4,793,750 Precision adjustment for a machine tool, especially a boring machine or the like
914 4,792,267 Carriage for a machine tool
915 4,787,785 Machine tool with a spindle head
916 4,786,218 Machine tool comprising a tool driven in the axial direction by a hydraulic lifting cylinder, in particular a gear shaper machine
917 4,785,525 Machine tool for complex machining
918 4,781,512 Pallet changing system for a machine tool
919 4,779,205 A numerically-controlled machine tool with a floppy disk control panel
920 4,777,713 Machine tool
921 4,776,081 Multi-spindle head-replacing machine tool
922 4,774,753 Measuring device for a machine tool
923 4,772,163 Machine tool spindle and toolholders suitable therefor
924 4,768,902 Machine tool
925 4,760,521 Arbitration system using centralized and decentralized arbitrators to access local memories in a multi-processor controlled machine tool
926 4,747,193 Pallet supply apparatus for machine tool
927 4,746,252 Spindle of a machine tool
928 4,745,557 Machine tool control system
929 4,742,205 Method and device for positioning a metallic piece on a machine-tool, and use of the method
930 4,740,885 Method for monitoring the track generated by the control of the drives of computer controlled machine tool or an industrial robot
931 4,739,488 Machine tool with tool selection and work sequence determination
932 4,738,572 Machine tool
933 4,738,170 Machine tool
934 4,736,625 Method and apparatus for monitoring the cutting condition of a machine tool during machining of a workpiece
935 4,733,585 Feeding device for a tool slide of a machine tool
936 4,733,150 Device and method for compensating the gravitational effect on an element, raisable and lowerable by an electric motor, of a machine tool or of a robot
937 4,730,373 Machine tool for multiple surface machining
938 4,729,669 Linear ball bearing for carriage of machine tool
939 4,728,232 Device for temperature-responsive adjustment of the measuring points of two machine tool parts
940 4,726,103 Fixture for attaching guideways to a machine tool base
941 4,725,959 Numerically controlled machine tool
942 4,725,172 Edged tool positioning device for use in a machine tool
943 4,724,599 Machine tool for simultaneously finishing a plurality of parallel surfaces
944 4,724,571 Brushing machine tool with automatic feed
945 4,720,221 Machine tool with an angle spindle attachment
946 4,718,001 Apparatus for controlling a machine tool
947 4,716,647 Machine tool
948 4,716,516 Modular machine tool controller
949 4,715,752 Cutter head in a machine tool
950 4,715,108 Machine tool capable of changing worn cutting tools, such as small diameter drills, with new ones
16 Method of controlling synchronous operation of machine tool
17 Machine tool holder with automatic hook-up
18 Roller milling tool unit for a milling machine tool
19 Machine tool extension table and method for installing same
20 Dual pinion anti-backlash carriage drive for a machine tool