Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
701 5,174,586 Inclination setting mechanism in work rotating device for laser beam machine tool
702 5,172,464 Machine tool
703 5,171,002 Machine tool apparatus
704 5,170,358 Method of controlling chatter in a machine tool
705 5,168,610 Complex machine tool
706 5,167,839 Fluid coolant cleaning system for machine tool applications
707 5,165,085 Stroke end checking apparatus for machine tool of numerical control
708 5,163,793 Machine tool installation for supporting and machining workpieces
709 5,163,009 Method of machining cylindrical workpieces by using a bi-spindle numerically controlled machine tool
710 5,161,926 Precision head for a machine tool
711 5,161,662 Pallet changing mechanism for machine tool and connector device used therefor
712 5,160,824 Machine tool for laser-beam machining of workpieces
713 5,158,691 Filter apparatus and method for filtering contaminants from machine tool coolant
714 5,156,504 Machine tool fluid-feed assembly with distributing valve
715 5,155,473 Torque and thrust overload detection system for a machine tool
716 5,152,645 Cabin machine tool, with structure bearing monocoque body
717 5,146,663 Revolving head for machine-tool
718 5,144,740 Numerically controlled machine tool with automatic tool exchange device and indexing device
719 5,142,210 Abnormal state detecting apparatus of a machine tool
720 5,140,780 Method and apparatus for cleaning and cooling a machine tool and workpiece
721 5,137,400 Spindle clamping device in machine tool
722 5,134,767 Automatic tool changing device in machine tool
723 5,131,136 Method of and equipment for exchanging tools of machine tool
724 5,125,299 Portable machine tool
725 5,125,139 Hydraulic drive mechanism in machine tool
726 5,123,149 Turret tool post for machine tool and apparatus for controlling indexing of the same
727 5,117,169 Numerical control device for a machine tool
728 5,115,546 Complex machining machine tool
729 5,113,729 Clamping device for fixing a spindle sleeve on the platform of an automatic machine tool
730 5,113,558 Bed cooler and chip flusher for a machine tool
731 5,111,590 Measuring method of machine tool accuracy using a computer aided kinematic transducer link and its apparatus
732 5,109,592 Machine tool
733 5,107,435 Apparatus for controlling machine tool having special display, data entry and motor control modes
734 5,106,243 Portable machine tool
735 5,105,694 Adjustable multiple spindle machine tool
736 5,105,693 Machine tool with movable positioning device
737 5,101,699 Tool slide for a machine tool
738 5,099,729 Submerged work machine tool
739 5,097,877 Machine tool with automatic tool-changing device
740 5,097,632 Machine tool having workpiece machining dimension and tool length measuring functions
741 5,097,587 Numerically controlled machine tool with automatic tool exchange device and indexing device
742 5,097,575 Complex machining machine tool
743 5,096,348 Machine tool
744 5,095,598 Complex machining machine tool
745 5,090,100 Machine tool with a rotary table and rotatable holding devices
746 5,088,362 Drive for workpiece spindle of machine tool
747 5,088,361 Machining control apparatus in a machine tool
748 5,086,795 Removable flushing system for machine tool coolant return system flumes
749 5,085,109 Machine tool for processing work piece into non-circular cross-sectional configuration
750 5,084,827 System for measuring the position of a tool having a nose on a machine tool
11 Machine tool for machining panels and plates
12 Control apparatus and method for holding a workpiece in a machine tool
13 Electric hand machine tool, and rotatable handle or appendixes
14 Tool changer for tools of a machine tool
15 Inclination setting mechanism in work rotating device for laser beam machine tool

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