Machine Tools

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601 5,407,381 Electric hand machine tool, and rotatable handle or appendixes
602 5,405,222 Revolute motion machine tool
603 5,394,604 Automatic open-structure machine tool convertible into a closed-structure machine tool such as a gantry machine
604 5,392,663 Octahedral machine tool frame
605 5,391,968 Numerically controlled machine tool management system
606 5,391,027 Machine tool system
607 5,389,861 Machine tool power speed changer
608 5,389,256 Filter apparatus for machine tool coolant
609 5,388,935 Six axis machine tool
610 5,388,051 Direct numerical control (DNC) system including one high-speed data processing unit for each NC machine tool
611 5,386,667 Portable machine tool
612 5,386,620 Punching and shaping machine tool with cam gear
613 5,383,261 Turret machine tool
614 5,380,134 Machine tool
615 5,376,061 Compound machine tool capable of laser beam processing
616 5,372,568 Machine tool with automatic tool changer, having mechanism for utilizing relative movements of tool and tool changing gripper to clamp and unclamp the tool
617 5,364,329 Machine tool fitted with a tool magazine having disks
618 5,364,210 Machine tool
619 5,363,598 Machine tool capable of grinding a workpiece with a truing apparatus
620 5,363,026 Method of operating a numerically controlled machine tool and a machine tool for carrying out the method
621 5,356,245 Cooling and dust collecting apparatus for a machine tool
622 5,354,158 Six axis machine tool
623 5,352,073 Tool holder for a machine tool
624 5,351,376 Machine tool
625 5,349,731 Temperature compensated and shock resistant machine tool
626 5,342,154 Hand machine tool with tool holder
627 5,337,147 Methods and control systems for registering a datum position between two relatively movable components of a machine tool
628 5,336,025 Multi-spindle machine tool
629 5,332,343 Cooling and dust collecting apparatus for machine tool
630 5,327,352 Method and device for controlling one or mor axes in a machine tool
631 5,325,749 Machine tool having a quick release draw tube and jaw chuck adapter
632 5,316,420 Support for a rotary machine tool
633 5,315,789 Numerically controlled machine tool and method of controlling grinding operation thereof
634 5,315,193 Hand-guided machine tool comprising a radial blower
635 5,313,694 Machine tool for non-circular and other machining
636 5,312,220 Industrial robot with workpiece handling means for attaching a workpiece to and removing a workpiece from a machine tool
637 5,311,089 Hand machine tool
638 5,310,991 Machine tool, in particular a laser machine, with an operating head supported by a cantilever beam
639 5,302,062 Spindle clamping device for machine tool
640 5,300,220 Trough system for machine tool coolant collection flumes
641 5,297,907 Portable machine tool
642 5,297,454 Indexing device of machine tool
643 5,293,767 Machine tool
644 5,291,416 Event feedback for numerically controlled machine tool and network implementation thereof
645 5,291,393 NC machine tool apparatus having means for producing NC work program and method thereof
646 5,287,049 Method for triggering switching operations related to position during a machining process carried out by a robot or a machine tool
647 5,285,373 Apparatus for controlling the opening and closing of a work clamping mechanism in a numerically controlled machine tool
648 5,282,402 Machine tool tailstock
649 5,278,953 Machine tool fixture computer aided setup
650 5,278,766 Numerical controlled device and numerically controlled machine tool
11 Machine tool for machining panels and plates
12 Control apparatus and method for holding a workpiece in a machine tool
13 Electric hand machine tool, and rotatable handle or appendixes
14 Tool changer for tools of a machine tool
15 Inclination setting mechanism in work rotating device for laser beam machine tool

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