Machine Tools

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551 5,555,178 Control apparatus and method for holding a workpiece in a machine tool
552 5,549,177 System for lubricating and cooling main spindle head of machine tool
553 5,549,015 Shaft rotation driving apparatus for machine tool
554 5,547,319 Machine tool apparatus having a work piece support table supported by an articulating arm
555 5,544,986 Cooling and dust collecting apparatus for machine tool
556 5,542,899 Multispindle-head machine tool
557 5,538,373 Machine tool vibration isolation system
558 5,538,369 Machine tool with tapping function
559 5,535,496 Machine tool with parts
560 5,531,144 NC loader for NC machine tool
561 5,525,776 Compound machine tool
562 5,523,953 Method and apparatus for correcting positioning errors on a machine tool
563 5,522,303 Machine tool with locking mechanism
564 5,519,181 Apparatus for guiding a wire electrode on a machine tool
565 5,517,097 Controlling apparatus and controlling method in machine tool
566 5,514,063 Machine tool
567 5,514,061 Machine tool for working rear surface of workpiece
568 5,508,806 Apparatus and method for making rotary calibrations of a machine tool table
569 5,508,490 Laser machining head and auxiliary equipment for a numerically controlled machine tool
570 5,498,008 Chuck jaw locking apparatus for rotatable machine tool
571 5,493,502 Numerical control unit for controlling a machine tool to machine a workpiece at an instructed feed rate along linear and rotational axes
572 5,487,628 Device for preventing cutting fluid from entering a bearing on a spindle in a machine tool
573 5,483,460 Numerically controlled machine tool having switch matrices with a reduced numbers of signal lines
574 5,479,840 Braking system for portable machine tool
575 5,477,899 Machine tool for machining workpieces mad of wood, plastic, etc.
576 5,474,514 Method and machine tool for changing tools
577 5,474,116 Chip removing apparatus for machine tool
578 5,472,367 Machine tool apparatus and linear motion track therefor
579 5,466,085 Gimbal assembly for six axis machine tool
580 5,464,365 Motor-driven hand-held machine tool
581 5,464,233 Finger chuck for use with machine tool
582 5,459,915 High accuracy machining station for a multiple spindle rotary indexing machine tool
583 5,456,438 Machine tool support
584 5,455,993 Tool turret for a machine tool, in particular a lathe
585 5,454,667 Adjustable cartridge for cutting head of a machine tool
586 5,453,068 Machine tool
587 5,452,503 Turret machine tool
588 5,452,502 Turret-type machine tool
589 5,451,196 Machine tool
590 5,446,970 Probe arm for machine tool
591 5,439,293 Rail construction for machine tool
592 5,437,465 Tool changing device on a hand-operated machine tool
593 5,435,675 Machine tool
594 5,428,982 Machine tool with cam gear, in particular for punching and shaping the lead-outs of integrated circuits
595 5,423,237 Machine-tool with machining head mounted for moving on a horizontal rail
596 5,419,540 Workpiece support for use in a machine tool vise
597 5,417,849 Machine tool coolant filtering system
598 5,414,632 System and method for predicting failure in machine tool
599 5,413,439 Universal spindle head for machine tool
600 5,410,790 Machine tool adjustable head
11 Machine tool for machining panels and plates
12 Control apparatus and method for holding a workpiece in a machine tool
13 Electric hand machine tool, and rotatable handle or appendixes
14 Tool changer for tools of a machine tool
15 Inclination setting mechanism in work rotating device for laser beam machine tool

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