Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
1 7,021,183 Drive housing for machine tool drives
2 7,018,148 Machine tool
3 7,018,147 Arrangement structure of machine tool
4 7,018,103 Active vibration damping in a machine tool
5 7,016,799 Apparatus and method for checking the machining process of a machine tool
6 7,016,760 Numerically controlled machine tool and a program transforming method therefor
7 7,008,152 Machine tool for processing work pieces on at least three axes
8 7,005,826 Method for enhancing the control response of a drive train having backlash and/or elasticity of a machine tool or production machine
9 7,005,606 Laser machine tool with image sensor for registration of workhead guidance system
10 7,004,693 Tool, tool holder, and machine tool
11 6,996,874 Air jet for machine tool to clean cutting dust
12 6,994,006 Movable fence for a machine tool
13 6,988,019 Machine tool control process and apparatus therefor
14 6,987,241 Machine tool installation including gated enclosure
15 6,982,536 Device and method for apportioning a movement of a machine element along a drive axis of a machine tool or production machine
16 6,981,825 Multispindle machine tool and method of optimizing lubricant mist flow for each spindle of multispindle machine tool
17 6,981,557 Process for controlling an axially hammering and rotating electric hand-held machine tool
18 6,973,738 Measuring method and device, machine tool having such device, and work processing method
19 6,973,372 Drive unit and method for using the drive unit to control a machine tool
20 6,970,766 Method for machine tool and profilometer coordinate registration
21 6,960,052 Machine tool and method of adjusting the spindle of a machine tool
22 6,951,256 Machine tool having coaxial driving device
23 6,949,056 Machine tool
24 6,949,055 Machine tool
25 6,948,894 Multi-axial machine tool and table unit mounting jig
26 6,948,411 Machine tool
27 6,947,800 Smart machine tool system
28 6,942,435 Machine tool
29 6,938,633 Method and apparatus for supplying process liquid for machine tool
30 6,937,942 Method and apparatus of detecting tool abnormality in a machine tool
31 6,930,461 Device and method for controlling a machine tool
32 6,930,412 Closed box structure of the horizontal linear motor machine tool
33 6,926,478 Spindle device of machine tool
34 6,923,604 Spindle device of machine tool
35 6,923,603 Machine tool with a feature for preventing a thermal deformation
36 6,920,679 Machine tool
37 6,920,370 Method and device for disturbance sensing, especially collision sensing, in the drive system of a numerically controlled machine tool
38 6,918,719 Machine tool
39 6,910,400 Machine tool
40 6,909,937 Numerically controlled machine tool and a program transforming method therefor
41 6,905,293 Machine tool for the production of base structures for false teeth
42 6,904,652 Universal machine tool
43 6,902,362 Machine tool
44 6,896,453 Cutting tool device for machine tool
45 6,892,613 Machine tool
46 6,892,111 Control system of machine tool
47 6,884,204 Machine tool
48 6,884,009 Machine tool
49 6,883,789 Machine tool main shaft balancer
50 6,877,938 Machine-tool in particular with parallel architecture accommodating deformed articulations
1 Drive housing for machine tool drives
2 Machine tool and method for machining a rod-shaped workpiece
3 Method and system for numerical control of machine tool
4 Complex machining machine tool
5 Method for improving the machining accuracy of a precision machine tool

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